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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  September 16, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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and anti islam film is working more protests. new details on the arrest made in connection with a deadly conflict attack on libya. the security tactics about to be deployed tonight for the forty-niners home game opener a hockey players are locked out as to a contract dispute. it is a 30 on sunday. thank you for joining us the next hour or we have a lot of news. the new smart phone and how smart is it? we talking two competing tax measures
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on the ballot in november. it's confusing a lot people will go in fat and that's the one we heard less about. it's over prop. 33 we have some the big supporters the president of the california pta will talk about that was also the expert from uc- berkeley to talk about the situation in the middle east. and on the local front, we're expecting some very big crowds and more police action at the first home game for the sentences of 49-night we're beefing up security at tonight's game against detroit lions. the officers were dressed in forty-niners and dietrich colors will be at the game and not allow them to infiltrate the crowd and stay on top of any criminal activities that may be going on. the officers will be on the lookout for ticket scalpers. a lockout of players in the national hockey league is now in effect and how serious impact on players with businesses in the south bay.
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it's a big moneymaker for businesses in the area and on the nhl teams are locked out after the owners and players failed to reach a contract by the deadline. the leak is not thinking about everyone else. the people going up industry and a curse to get people to from a game they're losing out that business that these millionaires and billionaires don't think about the shark tank holds 17,000 fans on game night. they go earliest a late. and now they're trying to avoid a seasoned killing locked out the croissant back in 2004. the film maker behind the film that sparked worldwide outrage is being the target of investigators. the federal probation officers and their checking to see whether he violated the terms of his probation and filmmakers bears say yet the movie
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your freedom of speech taken a stand up and a crowded theater and yell fire. and basically this video yelled fire on the internet. the 50 fighter was convicted of bank fraud in 2010 and this would bring some under federal scrutiny and a festive dinners to set the film by little as probation for the offense. the to be sent back to prison. of the defense secretary says the violence from the anti- american protest the middle east is leveling off but the turmoil will continue and that is exactly what happened today. how did you ever since to to streets burning president obama's effigy of the cbs reporter shows that the american symbols in the middle east of the prime targets there's no doubt this is genuine fury. a protestors the u.s. embassy even tore down the stars and stripes and which the
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fundamentalist fundamentalist flag carrier across the muslim world the anchor is fuelled a destructive frenzy this week carried a winter snow and see the pops one for american symbols. in tripoli in lebanon poughkeepsie and a hardee's restaurant was torched. and a highly respected school was overrun and looted. but really it was a clumsy u.s.-made film that cost all of this? in fact the editor of egypt's newspaper the real roots lie much deeper. i think american foreign policy for a long long time. it was doing a lot of harm america long supported the rights of despised present was toppled by a popular uprising just last year. we're speaking about a long history of mistrust and defined this way
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whatever the reason is especially in poor muslim countries were at the face chronic injustice and corruption. and in cairo this week, the protesters did not actually reached the embassy but did did invade the grounds before the riot police drove them back with tear gas took the egyptian president for three full days to condemn the violence. but in the end, the did not period is required to protect our guest said in their place of work. today on face the nation, the libyan interim president while the 50 arrests have been made with a connection of the u.s. consulate attack that attack killed be ambassador chris stevens from the bay area and three other consulate employees. developing story of a snap
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as firefighters are searching the napa river right now for possible drowning victim. cal fire since the report to incident came in and around 3:00 this morning in it for citron happens near the bridge. stay with us with developments on the story. of people goes through a station nearly hitting several passengers. it happened last month at the south san francisco stop. the passengers coming off of a northbound train crossing the soft on track legally due to parking lot of to the south bound people it can down and it at that people jump out a way carried at turns out that the conduct of a northbound train stopped at the station tested positive for marijuana. of those engineers on beef. we're sorry for the passengers to read it moved quickly. that must of been
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frightening and we are extremely relieved that there's no injuries as a result of this incident the investigation is still ongoing. it happened on august 24th. it's coming to the media's attention right now. two people are dead after boating accident on a lake and two others are hurt. the sheriffs department says the two power boats collided last night on the lake. it was the two fatalities and two people are in the hospital with moderate injuries. they're searching for other possible victims and the officials say it did leave everyone is accounted for. a deal is in the works and that teachers strike in chicago. thousands of teachers and supporters rallied yesterday between the union and school district working on the exact wording of the contract and will provide reasons and also have tougher of valuations as more than three hundred fifty thousand students have been out of school since the walkout started last monday.
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we are stoppable. another world as possible. dear back in new york city. is the one guy year anniversary of the occupy movement. there's plenty of drama here in the bay area. several people were arrested during this demonstration yesterday in new york. more events are planned for tomorrow including here in the bay area that's 5:00 in the financial district. a lot people are expected to show out there. and to positions calling for tax hikes in california going head- to-head a november ballot. the key difference about the ballot measures and our conversation with the the key battle of proposition 38. a bay area tech boom. the game changes and competition with same-day delivery. with plenty of sunshine we dispense with the low clouds this morning. we've a mild week
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ahead. your weather after the break.
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because location awareness and because the social networking and the social worker to connected to people in real time in the neighborhood instantly. have for the school system to could drop. and of course there's gonna be competition. this and other software company with an application called it now. and for $10, the confessed to. it to purchase and have items for the restaurant in the city delivered with an hour. bicycle messengers around town to the shop to turn to for other snatched up to read is a competitive market that amazon and ebay are pushing to get in on the same day delivery. in san
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francisco john ford. economic and fast enough. it is convenient. new technology dear out on the streets try to deliver and what is the weather today? its class a summer and early fall the fog instead of burn off a little bit. in to the temperatures in the '50s around most of the bay area except for 48 in santa rosa. it to be warming up throughout the day. we look at the numbers and are and we forecast. good morning everyone. we're starting off with some low clouds along the shore line. that is our forecast for this morning. we have some klaus around the bay. the temperatures most elite should be in the mid to upper 50s. be of a high-
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pressure that is developing the pacific. we have not really a low knocking out a high pressure. there's no to the trend. is much like history. with mild weather for the bay area with 80s inland. and will be in between carried to be very nice. we begin with last night with a low clouds along the shoreline. and i see some high clouds in a forecast a bay area. the loss of some low clouds packing and along the shore line tonight. that is per usual for this time of year. it will change as we get closer to the season. you concede that this is an indication we're not out of the summer time yet. if 101 degrees in fresno to be plea mild and moderate. it's 59 up in your rica. we of morning clouds
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of the airports and services to. with western winds in the afternoon in a forecast height of 67 degrees. we have from a strong for chicago. but other than that denver and los angeles look pretty good carried with could be a notch warmer than yesterday. we've 80 degrees in san jose. we 62 at half moon bay. in the east bay, the winds coming of the west and northwest. we have 90 for brentwood. it's still offer the far east. will have 89 degrees. we've 80 in santa rosa today. and a 64 on a chilly side on the beach. and with the numbers and learned to stay in the mid '80s for the majority of the week. and writer on the bay the numbers will be in the '70s and the coast in the '60s. even we
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had the still stay in the '80s. we of low clouds of the morning and sun in the afternoon. and there's a weather for some day. have a great day. to measures on november ballot are the increased taxes and will increase millions of dollars. prop. 38 would raise income taxes for virtually everyone. in more the differences besides that this morning we ask a prop 38 backer and the big question is where with the money go? the money goes directly to every single public school based on the number of youngsters better in school. it is really specifically that way because we want to make sure that you to start to restore programs and services that the cut for schools. our parents have told us they don't have the funding for school is the number-one pretty. if you look at school
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today in california that were 47 to the nation in funding. a large class sizes out the art and music and accounts of people on a see something toaster to restore those programs and our children need to succeed a lot of money for crop 30 goes to schools. but allow the questions surrounding prop 38 is where the money is coming from because that race in texas on basically everybody well property will raise income taxes on only high honors. i think there is a difference and the proposition 38 resist taxes on a sliding scale. in a legislative analyst but independent analyst says that because of the tax credits and 40 percent of the taxpayers would not pay additional taxes and taxes run from from less than 1% and going up to 0.2 0.2%
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a higher rent there's a lot of concern about having to support opposition about take votes away from the other and that neither tax measure will pass and not be good for schools and were your thoughts on that? i think is important for people to have an opportunity to look at both of them terry carefully and look to see what it is that they support an office lease our schools and archimedes the additional funding to support services in more the server passes and recent papeete became involved is that we want to have been long-term plan to move us from the very bottom of funding in the nation to start to restore those programs for kids we go back to spending carried in your manager or this measure puts money into kindergarten to 12th grade. what about the financial strapped coffers the universities and the colleges?
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the measure of proposition 38 as a couple things. it does target the most money for k through 12 funding and also has money for a early education in preschool which we believe is very important. it's kids off to a great start. and for the first four years, because we raised $10 million a year there is 30 percent of the funding goes to pay school facilities and so what is set to? at least the general fund of about 30 or $3 billion worth of funding. the legislature can then decide how it would like to spend it. the to make those choices. your master does not cover the higher education. that is no guarantee that the money will go to higher education there's no money for higher education. but the relief of the
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budget side to provide legislature with the opportunity to support higher education. the other part use the money goes to restore music and those programs and was to guarantee that will not go into the spending that if people find question miscalls is very clearly that this is for the money is going for. is written that in addition to the existing funding for education in california and one the things we want to make very clear is that this new money will go or has a list of those things that could be used for pure for the music and art and smaller class sizes. to restore the instructional tide that has been cut. the counselors and librarians and all those things that children really need. it does pay to look into two separate measures and there are several different says between
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30 and 38. the teachers there spoken with are growing 30 because the governor is have educators on both sides of the issue. and meanwhile in today's campaign 2012. in getting ready for this prime- time debates. the high-profile republican " don't play the vice president for paul ryan is debate prep.
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a prominent attorney and explain the role of vice president biden. he's taken many cases to support and user with the conservative viewpoint but you may remember he did argue against proposition 8 s conference game marriage ban in federal court. it's the senator from ohio is playing president obama for the republican mitt romney. the democratic side that john kerry of massachusetts will be mitt romney for president obama. and congressman plate lined and must be tough to for these guys to do on that play acting. and it is the debate perhaps more than a debate carried and a major blow to the raiders roster. the ease and the giants are looking good we but it all down in
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sports. the morning of 13 mr. readers. the bill without the receiver for the entire season any of surgery on his foot earlier in the week. mr. west deptford hosting member to usc. it is tied with 14 in the fourth. we have the touchdown. at stanford is a 21-14. and it tried to rally u.s. secret is a huge sack. and stanford upsets usc. what this three missed field goals on the day and all of them went wide left. and cal let us get. but the secondary blows the coverage and a worse time. his wide open but the buckeyes to want to win. the giants in the desert kicking on arizona. is this 22nd home run of the year. and the giants win.
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and at the coliseum the a's are looking for division title. he double and a pair of runs. the a's won 5-2. not only debate be the wild card the two games behind the rangers and improve their record to 84 and 61. that is your sports. have a great day. protests over the film this weekend. a wall street box with the apple institute i phone. the gadget that could change the game for smart phones i thought was being tracked. i'm waiting for him why some californians may be behind the wheel of a stolen car without even knowing it. we'll be right back.
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i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts
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for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. dan to hop of green zone protest
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this morning over an antenna is themselves and how can that an obscure on the movie spark such mass demonstrations and violent attacks. off quit other bay area of first agency suffering the worst staffing shortage in years. can of the 49ers with metal detectors and security tactics about to be deployed to fight at the home game against detroit. welcome back it's now 859 september 16th.
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thanks for telling us we have a lot to talk about in the next half-hour. exploring that tech world a little bit talking about the new i-phone his announcement from last week. and is it with a gun to save the industry or or is it another downturn but first the news. today's defense secretary said to expect more protests against the into islam fell in the days ahead. could also tell reporters looks at the violence may be leveling off but dozens of people run the build of taken to the streets. fuelled buying of american film that insults the profit mohammed. the state department ordered the evacuations of the u.s. citizens in sedan and says the pentagon has deployed forces to a number of areas to protect u.s. personal property that may be threatened by future protests. and a protest in afghanistan as well were
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hundreds of university students hit the streets where it the some burned the u.s. flag and other posters of president obama money watch know why the united states to fill to take action against the makers of the film. look at the ruins of the u.s. consulate to breed their covering the floor where a rocket-propelled grenade it ignited a fire that's believe the u.s. ambassador stevens may have died of smoke inhalation in his bedroom he spent a lot of time in the bay area and california graduate and so far 50 libyans of been arrested in connection with the attack. return to the uc professors spend a lot years learning and teaching about the islamic culture we ask if there was more to the investment is the movie. the film was clearly meant
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to injured in insult muslims in the region and i believe it has had that effect. and the other hand we should remember this feeling that insult has to be seen from moslems in the areas in the context of a long history of american military adventurism he met in the bank recently been ended the war in iraq and ongoing campaign in afghanistan and drones sent into yemen and somali and the muslims in the region the film coming out of the nine states is seen in the context of that very long history but the involvement is many muslims seeing as not been good for the region. the film has a sparking role but it has to be seen in the context of the broad experience of the united states as a not very positive force in the region. what could be done on the u.s. part to quell this. another is a lot of concern that
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the u.s. isn't doing enough to punish the film maker. if the people can read and see that the united states is playing an active and positive role on their behalf is actually promoting democratic processes the building a free and fair democratic institutions. at the level of anti- americanism and certainly go down. that was the professor from uc-berkeley. afghan officials this month eight women died during an attack by new forces and for u.s. service members were also killed today the seven it'll air strike could women gathering firewood and it official said the attack killed 45 and surgeons but they are investigating. afghan police officer killed four american servicemen before getting away. the oakland police department suffering the worst
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staff shortage in more than a decade. the police chief said the department has 631 officers and four years ago they had 200 more officers on the streets. now as the violent crime spikes in the city's police force to work overtime and patrols are being consolidated. and other advanced police are ramping up security at tonight's 49ers home opener. with metal detectors and undercover officers dressed in both the 49 your gear and detroit lion colors and at the game and in the crowd. allowing them to stay on top of the crowd and stay alert for any sort of acts of hooliganism or drunken this officers also on the lookout for ticket scalpers. a lockout of the national hockey league began of the night and if it goes for long it could have an impact on the businesses in downtown san jose. when the sharks play at age people million with imported times a year it's a real
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moneymaker all over downtown but not the sharks and other nhl teams are being locked out after owners and players to reach a deal by the deadline those businesses could suffer because there won't be games. starting this weekend it's going to beat a little hectic flying in and out of the san francisco airport. but not delays for the usual reasons starting this week and the number of a riding fences been cut in half to about 30 each hour because one of the to minimize to be temporarily closed for safety improvements. i know my daughter is coming from new york and she's an hour-and-a-half late grade other runway will be closed for the next three weekends. crafted crooks switching out vehicle id plates the plates that uniquely identify a car to the virtually no trace the car was ever stolen. how it happened to a mother and
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thought of five and our consumer watch. nike has been forced to reach a ride to work every morning for a month. she just learned the chevy tahoe she bought from a private seller four years ago had been stolen before she bought it the vehicle id #owner-port had been switch out an indian the heck has compensated for families on the car. i thought it was a joke. according to the national insurance crime bureau at the growing problem workweeks remove the vent places stickers from one car and apply the numbers to stolen cars like the one she bought. will an easy way for someone to get rid of a stolen car. california is a hotbed for stolen cars with seven of the nation's top-10 car theft cities but in the more than a half of the stolen cars and actually recovered. twitter you're looking at 300 cars that go unaccounted for.
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some undetected headed overseas and customs stop this shipments of luxury stolen cars back in april the you could be driving around one of the remaining stolen cars around here. the crooks are so good the consumer advocate said that even seven of the van on year-into the driver's door or as an engine had been switched. although good mechanics should be able to detect it. she met she didn't have a mechanic inspector car before she bought it and doesn't know when shall be able to afford a new one. i'm going have to keep in mind. greta the dmv could not comment on this investigation but a spokesperson said one way to avoid this whatever you buy a car from a private seller if you have a consumer story gives us a call and let us know. eight minutes after 9:00
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will he stay or go more on the domestic violence case about an the san francisco suspended sheriff. also what else factor in the mayor's decision to take him off the job. and the buzz of a new i- phone changing the game in the smart phone market. a good sunday morning with a lot of sun to the bay area after we dispense with the low cloud cover and fog along the shoreline after that classic weather this week with a mild week ahead. all the details coming up.
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welcome back. we're going to take a look at something that everyone will be involved with today the weather. a live look outside right now the little pays but pretty clear in the inland areas but some fog around the coast. the '50s and 48 in santa rosa. it will be warming up into the upper 80s in some of the warmest spots. the rest of the forecast.
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we're starting out with a local cover along the shoreline and some of the sunshine, cover and around the bay area and and sunshine coming earlier. on the satellite time that high- pressure in full command of the eastern pacific as a result the numbers today without a high building in or below knocking out high-pressure out this no distinct temperature trend the result is we have a day to day much like guess today with mild weather for the bay area 80s inland and '60s in the shoreline we began with last night with local cover along the shoreline dense fog of the colgate a bridge late last night a cloud cover in the forecast for the bay area and low cloud cover packing and along the shoreline again tonight. that's usual for this time of
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year. 101 at fresno today but monterey plenty mild at 66 degrees. heading out tomorrow and monday for custom 1 cloud cover at the airport and san francisco a in the forecast tide of 67 degrees with thunderstorms for chicago and that new york to denver and los angeles book critic said. the bay area today showing numbers a little warmer than the rest day 80 degrees at san jose and 88 @ morgan hill and 61 pacifica and 62 a half moon bay. and east bay the wind will be out of the west northwest to about 15 mi. per hour this afternoon and 94 percent would. walnut creek 89 degrees and 80
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for santa rosa today. the five day forecast called the numbers to stay in the mid '80s for the majority of the week. they employ mid-70s and the coast mid-60s looking ahead they still stake in the '80s going out with a to low cloud cover in the morning sun and the afternoon chilly at the beach. and there's the weather. grill on the technology for a couple hit record highs and lows trip this weekend to identify a film for the fifth deal is facebook. and it didn't go so could the stock prices of 10 since the initial public offering to reset them with the editor earlier this morning and asked him what it means. what is the shelf life on this call long to think this trend will continue or is it going to go the way of the pc i- pod and everything else that has
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a couple of years and then fades foes are still on a very much a part trend gravitating towards more smart phone swallowing up the cause the people used to have. more people interested in having a smart phone and i-phone is the one a lot of people the gravitating towards. all this and have a phone that is your pc and i-pad you may use it as a music player possibly a lot of the smart phones that things that can make use to make a payment it's that collecting of your data. ultimately they're not phones. they're like computers. the idea is that now that it's going have a phone and next couple of years is a computer and is your phone and is a camera everything a high of and what to use it as a credit card.
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that's and of the new transitional payments. so what we're doing is selling something rebut all the services for is that where the real money is the money for apple is apple stomachs a lot of money off of the i-phone but also selling the software they buy to use on your phone ticket people interested in the application story keeps them coming back and that its key is that its new you have to become a with a new trend with a to application different plan to charge for i was at the unveiling last week for the i-phone 5 and there was excitement but there wasn't anything that was extremely new about it. it was a little better and tweaked but no one was just about a new innovation. of the killing that was the bare minimum apple could've done to keep people interested but i
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do think that they pulled it off. but talking about shifting to the smaller format lets look to the ft said the facebook world where it was very popular when people use their pcs another having a tough time selling ads as it shifts to the smaller module the future of the internet as it gets smaller as what you would get it what does that do for facebook facebook is still popular web sites still sitting on a lot of money that think the whole industry is struggling with the transition towards mobile because it's harder platform to sell ads against. people just have a reluctance to want to view ads or engage with ads and on the mobile phone and also a lot harder the dream is on the phone that there's a much more potential track with the customer is and what they're doing and whether shopping the people don't want to elect into that kind of privacy concern so
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it's harder to try to find the ways to make advertising all the more lucrative. if it makes it tougher to make money and the internet but because of bone will the i-phone killing internet? if there is a trend toward the application of the internet instead of going to the facebook web site and then the application instead of the web sites. that's the way that kids these days are realizing that they're getting to the internet to the applications and services that a more streamlined. and i do think that still struggle to make money or red snapper with is just trying to get you to the application figuring out the money part will come later. it is an interesting trend gone from the computers to laptop computers to bypass and i-pod son down to the phones and
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it was interesting to see how much longer the public continues to be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest model that may not be that latest. but it's all happening in such a short amount of time. it's difficult to keep up with. and other bay area and use the requested that this emphasis go suspended share if an attempt to delay a decision on his job failed. what may be next for him the political insider sounding off.
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the space shuttle endeavor about ready for its final trip from florida to los angeles right now sitting on top of a modified boeing 7 place seven taking off tomorrow morning from the kennedy space center and had left after several spot stops
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arriving and los angeles on thursday and driven to the streets of this new home at the california science center. this week devoted to the ethics commission case against this expenditure of the rejected his request to delay sending his case to the board of supervisors. greta that's why i went down to the cafe in santa the san francisco mayor the man decided to suspend him in the first place after the sure if it could guilty to a domestic violence charge. we ask the mayor how much that the to give before suspending. was it something that he thought out or was it just a gut reaction to a share splitting guilty to crimes like this i had to think about and didn't play think about it for the ball this time because i needed to watch like everybody else would occur in the criminal court system and i wanted to respect that and once the plea was made that i had to go to work and i spent a whole weekend going through all the documents that were presented in court of the testimony filed an add a few
9:23 am
conversations including one with some of the witnesses and had to make a deliberate decision. in doing so there's a big question is that were always in the bar about official and conduct a long time guardian of public office have you feel about that your job description says it's your responsibility to administer that part of the program for the city. the matter who it is and how they were elected and that this man did. i don't know if the rest of us would of done that to and he did it and he did it almost solo what to do going forward with a supervisor it's picked up for drunk driving is it is zero tolerance for everyone? i don't consider this is zero tolerance of a book that what that office requires
9:24 am
everybody and certainly there could be discretion other areas of this as a high-level criminal matter and have to understand where all taught that domestic violence is an integral part of that job of the office of the sheriff the most critical programs are managed by that office so how could you have someone who started out denying and suggesting that this is a family affair to get out of my business again have to plea in that kind of context. its going to be interesting and pull in the next couple of months in a matter with the board of supervisors decided one way or another chances are a local court anyway. look at this my top stories included the beef tips a treat efforts for tonight's home game for the san francisco forty- niners.
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welcome back. greta tonight undercover police officers will be addressed to both forty-niner and detroit lions colors at the sentence is go home opener at candlestick park watching for criminal activity and all the lookout for ticket scalpers. and other sports is the national hockey league lockout has will fans and businesses worried in san jose. sharks games more than 40 of your beloved money to restaurants bars and hotels in the downtown area and it means a lot less money. protest continuing in the muslim world with hundreds of students burning president obama's picture and flags over the f anti muslim moving. a mild sunday with a live look outside its coin to beat a little cooler than yesterday but pretty similar temperatures and cool down gradually throughout the week but it's really going to be a nice in mid september
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week here in the bay area and the last week of summer i might add to take advantage. school is back in session some california students are putting a new spin on a senior prank the faculty revived to find a 16 ft. tall human hamster wheel on campus with 50 students raising the roughly $900 needed to build it they plan to raise money they eventually selling this thing on ebay. a half a foot taller than largest dempster will feature in the guinness book of world records if you're looking for that perfect gift for someone that those of the caught alive struggle this might be it. thanks for joining us this morning. join us again next weekend back on cbs 5 at 730 this morning and into a lot of sports around the bay area today.
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this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.


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